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Created Nov 20, 2020
Welcome to Q's Patriot Network.....On Comet Planets........As a fellow researcher...that started in 2015...and got serious in the beginning of 2016, I have been with Q from day 1. This group will be following all of Q's posts, anon's work along with all relevant world news. I cordially invite all Q patriots.. researchers..anons...video content creators...investigative reporters and general truth disseminators from all over the world to join, follow and participate. One thing...absolutely no leftist shills, trolls or basic assholes will be tolerated and when exposed will have their ass kicked off!...Finally, I started the group 2 yrs ago because of FB continually "restricted" me from posting Q drops on about 30 groups i was a member of...all those guys have been booted now ...Im connected with Q the minute "they" hit the kun....if i can have everyone join Q's Patriot Network you will have access to the Anon's dialogue along with a ton of acquired intel and breaking news...you all then are capable of disseminating the info as a collective to have it go viral with no one hopefully getting blocked or deplatformed...the heat is on with this friggin' election and the biblical fraud... request to be added and ill add everyone!..Thanks!